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The Farmer's Flagship

Blue Oysters


Forget the baby bellas. Our Blue Oyster mushrooms are a tender and flavorful departure from grocery store varieties, but mild and versatile enough to work in any recipe. We especially love them with egg dishes, but they're also fantastic sliced and seared with garlic and greens for a simple supper. 

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The Forest's Crown

King Oysters


Our meatiest variety, the King Oyster's stems and tops can be sliced up and added to any traditional meat dish for a vegetarian spin. Cooked up you can expect a nice bite, with a scallop-like texture, and a more savory, less earthy flavor than other varieties. 

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Rich, deep and oh so savory with that indescribably delicious umami, our frilly, feathery Maitakes are a showstopper ingredient for any meal. Keep your cooking technique simple to let them shine. Sauté, sear or grill with a little olive oil and garlic to bring out their best. 

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The Supper Stunner



Our Shiitakes have a melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavor with a firm bite. These marvelous little mushrooms have been cultivated in China and Japan for thousands of years, making them an obvious choice for Asian dishes, but we also love them roasted and paired with a creamy cheese, like taleggio or chèvre. 

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The Elusive Beauty

Lion's Mane


This delicate and rare mushroom is quite the find for any forest or market forager. Cook them slowly in butter to achieve that perfect golden color and luxurious lobster flavor. Try them on their own, in salads, rice dishes and stir-fry recipes. A wonderful vegan substitute for crabmeat.


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